Fly warbird aerobatics 5000 above Gippsland

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Take to the skies to experience the thrills, skills and G force of a World War Two like fighter warbird with just you and your pilot. Here at Combat Flights Gippsland, we have only 5 star reviews on Google. We pride ourselves on ensuring our passengers have fun safely!

"The aerobatic flight was an absolute blast! At times I wasn't sure which way was up but it didn't matter as there was plenty of air above and below us. John is so skilled and reassuring. The time went so quickly! A great present. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience."


"Wow, if you are seeking an amazing and exhilarating flight, then this is it. Looking at the ground from ALL angles (yes, even upside down) was surprisingly serene. John the pilot was in touch via a 'biggles' (lol) cap with a microphone attached, explaining what was about to happen and continually checking to see if I was ok (which I was). For anyone seeking an adventure, I would highly recommend you give this a go."


"This was a fabulous experience from go to woe. The plane was super to sit in, if you want to experience being in the air with only a sheet of metal between you and the outside, with all the working instruments in front of you and the joy stick and peddles moving in unison with the pilot, then don’t miss this experience. I loved the G force as we shot upwards and over, the flips and corkscrews and so much more. The pilots resume is impressive indeed. I’d love to go again. I was super impressed."


"Wow wow wow wow wow to see the faces of excitement on my 2 boys prior and after was priceless and a memory irreplaceable. Terrific briefing so both levels of the ages were able to comprehend. The pilot and owner John took his time to ensure both boys including the whole family had a clear understanding of the entire amazing flight! There is no preasure to go hard and it's entirely up to you how daring you make your journey. We will definitely be returning for more flights and now one of my boys is ever so more determined and all he wants to do is become a pilot."


"Best day out ever. Such a professional business and such a great experience! The views were amazing, the barrel rolls so much fun and I couldn’t have felt safer!!!!"


"My son's best day ever. John is super enthusiastic and u can tell he just loves to fly , its given my son the ambition to learn to fly as he becomes an adult. Amazing tricks, beautiful day and best ever experience. My partner and family will be back to give it a go . A Big thank you John u legend"


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